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When it comes to home financing interest rates and tech-savvy mortgage tools, we can contend with the big banks up on Wall Street. But, as our approved lenders being your local lender up the street, we think they have them beat on service. On explaining every detail.
On seamlessly coordinating the home buying process.
On building a home loan around your unique needs.

Luxury House

Exceeding on Service

Fairway Independent Mortgage is a local lender aiming to wow you with personalized service while delivering the competitive rates and paperless process you expect.
It makes us nimble enough to get you answers and loan decisions quickly, flexible enough to customize a loan package around your unique financial circumstances, and experienced enough to guide you seamlessly from application to closing.

Part of Your Homelis Realty Family

Since Embrace Home Loans is a member of the Homelis Realty family of companies, your agent can introduce you to local home lending consultants.
Our consultants actually work right alongside the real estate team, insurance agents and settlement pros in many local Homelis Realty offices. So the process and paperwork are all perfectly put together before you get to the closing table.

Agent Services
Home Buyers

By Your Side on Your Journey Home

With a substantial life change ahead, we can help simplify and demystify your mortgage. Your personal consultants will be on-call to answer all your questions, spell out every acronym, and explain every detail of your transaction.
You’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. And, we’ll help meet those expectations with a smooth home buying process and an on-time closing.

Mortgages 101: The Process

Getting Started

Start shopping for a mortgage before you start shopping for a home. Get prequalified to estimate your buying power and start a relationship with a Embrace Home Loans consultant. Or, opt for the more in-depth preliminary approval process to help show sellers you are a serious buyer when putting an offer on a home.

Making an Offer

Knowing what you can afford, your Homelis Realty agent will help you craft a competitive offer on the home you choose. The offer will include a letter from Embrace Home Loans explaining that you have a preliminary approval for home financing. And, maybe you’ll sweeten the deal with a quick closing, more cash, or a heartfelt note to the sellers.

Completing Financing

If you’ve already gotten a preliminary approval, your mortgage consultant will update your loan application and help you move forward with the financing process. You may need to provide more documents or meet certain conditions before getting a final loan decision.

Closing Coordination

Finally, the big day! Together, your Homelis Realty agent and Embrace Home Loans consultant will make sure all of the closing paperwork is squared away. We’ll be by your side with insight and advice until you’ve initialed every page and signed on every dotted line.