Home Repair Credit

Terms and conditions:

The Home Repair Credit Program offers home sellers the opportunity to make cosmetic updates to their homes within a $500 budget. This program was created by Homelis Realty and its sole purpose is to help Home sellers maximize the return on their investment. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the State of Florida or its Government so please contact Homelis Realty for more details.

The Home Repair Credit Program can only be provided to Home sellers with equity in their homes. Once you opt in to the program, you will have the ability to use only a fraction of the line of credit up to $500. The Home seller may choose to work with any affordable contractor company or have Homelis Realty choose the contractor companies for the renovation services. Please be advised that in all cases, the decision to hire a contractor company must be approved by both the Home seller and Homelis Realty. Such matters must be settled prior to making payments, which will be covered by Homelis Realty. This is a full transparency agreement, as such, Homelis Realty is committed to keeping a paper trail -Receipts, estimates, renovations, etc. of all transactions affiliated with your account. As part of this agreement, the Home seller must hire Homelis Realty to represent their Real Estate needs of up to a minimum of 1 year in order to utilize the Home Repair Credit Program. We’re the first real estate company to invest in the Home seller.

In all cases the Homes Repair Credit Program must be paid back in full whether the property sells. If sold within the agreed time frame, the line of credit will be collected on or before the day of closing. Home seller(s) can payback the Home Repair Credit Program using a Cashier’s check, Money Order or Cash. The Home Repair Credit Program is not part of the real estate transaction between the Home seller(s) and Buyer(s). The Home Repair Credit Program does not cover roof replacement, a/c replacement, or structural repairs. TheHome Repair Credit Program ONLY covers cosmetics repairs. Cosmetic means to enhancing the value of an house through “cosmetic” renovations. These types of improvements are, ostensibly, surface upgrades that address the appearance of a property, rather than structural changes as replacing or tearing down walls.

State taxes will be applied to the Home Repair Credit Program in accordance with the amount used by the Home seller.

The Home Repair Credit Program is a “stand alone” program and cannot partnered with other promotional products offered by Homelis Realty.

NOTICE: This is not a commitment to lend or extend credit. Restrictions may apply. Information and/or data is subject to change without notice. All loans are subject to credit approval. Not all loans or products are available in all states/counties. This website is privately owned and has no official connection to the State of Florida.

*Our Mission: Homelis Realty, INC., does not give down payment assistance. We advocate for people to purchase their homes with little to no money down. We’re in partnership with local lenders to do the impossible by helping hundreds of families across Central Florida to buy a home using the new FHA government loan or the First-time Home Buyer Assistance programs. The Home Repair Credit Program, Free Home Staging, 3D Virtual Tour, Search and Social Marketing are only provided on home purchase values over $250,000 and on a successful transaction payout of 3.5% or more commission.